Cancer Well-fit™ is an exercise program that was founded by Julie Main in 1994. Julie was the co-owner and president of West Coast Athletic Clubs, as well as a past IHRSA board member.  When asked by her own cancer doctor why she was doing so well in handling her treatments compared to other patients, she eagerly admitted that her dedication to exercise helped her through it. Julie knew she could help others with her knowledge, and went on to create the Cancer Well-fit program at Santa Barbara Athletic Club.

The program has had over 1,000 cancer survivors enrolled to date, and Avila Bay Athletic Club & Spa is proud to offer the program at the club.  CWF is excited to begin offerring the program at ABAC's sister club, Paso Robles Sports Club.
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Cancer Well-fit is a free, small group, ten-week supervised exercise program designed
to help the first-year cancer survivor:
  • Build / restore muscle mass and strength
  • Increase flexibility and endurance
  • Improve energy levels and self esteem
  • Develop their own physical fitness program in order to continue an active lifestyle
Advanced registration and a medical release from your doctor are required.  Class size is limited.


"Just wanted to say how much this program has affected me.  When I first found out about it, I wasn't well but sooooo looked forward to coming.  It gave me hope that I could return in many ways to my former self.  In my cancer support group and elsewhere, cancer survivors talked of a silver lining to their experience.  I felt something was wrong with me for not seeing this.  Well, I am so grateful to say coming to Well-fit, meeting all the fantastic staff and members has been a life changing experience.  It felt wonderful to have this special treat for me!  And that there are others (other than cancer people) that care about us.  Cancer Well-Fit, Monica and Kate opened up the world again for me!"  -LJ


Which areas of health do you feel you made the most progress?  Answer:  "Stamina, balance, reduced pain in joints and other places, strength, flexibility and general self confidence goes with bodily improvement.  But the spirits of the staff was so much the motive."  -HR


My goals were to increase muscle and bone density.  Exercise to raise endorphins and to maintain metabolism at a higher rate.  Get off the couch!  Feel better about myself.
Question:  to what extent were you able to achieve these goals?  Answer:  "100% -- now I cannot go back.  I am motivated to continue on with some form of training and exercise program."  -AO

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