Everything was well thought out and well presented.

​- Susan

It was always pleasant, welcoming, and upbeat!

​- Rita M.

I personally benefitted from participating in this program and have noticed a marked improvement in my muscle tone, strength, lung capacity, and balance.

​- Anon

This is a terrific program & I am so grateful to have been allowed to participate. I would not have otherwise been able to work out like this

​- Janet K

​...coming to Well-fit, meeting all the fantastic staff and members has been a life-changing experience. It felt wonderful to have this special treat for me! And that there are others (other than cancer people) that care about us. Cancer Well-fit, Monica, and Kate opened up the world again for me!

     –Leslie J

I think it gave me a kick-start and I feel empowered to carry on from here

​- Monica H.

I feel so much better overall, and so much more confident about working out.

Thank you so much!

​- Mary G

It has helped to start a new life after cancer.

​- Anon

I'm well on my way – right arm great improvement, core is stronger, hip & right leg beginning to get better. Thank you for everything!​

​- Sue K

It was amazing! I love Jan, Kate, Danielle, and Sara. I came because of them.  I feel that they genuinely cared about me and my health, and I looked forward to coming each week. ​​

​- Anon

Quotes from some of our past participants

The Well-fit program was a wonderful way to get moving again after my treatment for breast cancer in 2009. The caring of the trainers and the support of the other cancer patients really helped restore my trampled self-image. Everyone was so supportive, helping to find ways to exercise around what hurt. I am now three years out and have continued to work out. ​​

​- Karen W

My journey through chemo left my body extremely weak. Kate & Monica helped me find my inner strength. Couldn’t ask for better trainers! I feel so lucky to be part of the Well-fit program.

​- Lucy W

Read a letter about our porgram from

Dr. Brian DiCarlo at Dignity Health here.

This program brings together individuals who have experienced similar medical challenges and who, through working hard, wind up developing a wonderful camaraderie and connection that extends outside the boundaries of the club​​.


...the trainers are so knowledgable, patient, and encouraging. I feel so much more capable and fit after this class.  Please continue this fantastic program and help those of us who are knocked down (temporarily of course!)

     –Julie T.