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Our People
Jan Secord, Well-fit Program Director, Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer, ACSM
Kate Wels, Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer

Our Program

Cancer Well-fit is a non-profit organization which provides a supervised, small-group exercise program designed to support the first-year cancer survivor. Under the guidance of certified fitness trainers, participants are instructed in specific exercises designed to strengthen their body safely in a supervised environment. Patients weakened from surgery and/or treatment are able to build stamina and speed their return to wellness in a supportive, small-group environment.

The Cancer Well-Fit Program is a 10-week program that runs quarterly. Class size is limited and meetings are three times per week at noon. At the end of each session, participants are assisted in developing a personalized fitness program which they can continue as a way of life. It requires pre-registraiton and a doctor's medical release.  It is offered free of charge to all participants and is open to all survivors within the first year of diagnosis. We are a 501c3 non-profit (Tax ID 27-363-5992)

It is held at Avila Bay Athletic Club & Spa and also Paso Robles Sports Club and is designed to:

  • ​Restore and build muscle strength and endurance
  • Increase energy, balance, and function
  • Provide social and emotional support
  • Promote relaxation in a resort-like setting.  Partcipants can choose from a variety of services likes aquatic therapy, restorative yoga, warming pools, saunas, massage and more.
  • Provide support to participant's family and caregiver

When doctors asked Julie Main, founder and owner of West Coast Athletic Clubs, why she seemed to handle her breast cancer treatments better than most other patients, she said it was because she exercised through it. That was back in 1994, before doctors embraced exercise during treatments. Julie started Cancer Well-fit at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club and shared the program with us in Avila Beach.

The program has helped thousands of cancer survivors physically, socially, and emotionally.


Our History


It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

Cancer Well-fit is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Our Tax ID is 27-3635992

Mission + Vision

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Our Goal is to empower cancer patients to become stronger physically and mentally, speeding their return to wellness through an organized program of fitness and support, FOR FREE!​​

Cancer Well-Fit is a non-profit organization whose goal is to strengthen cancer survivors physically and mentally in a supervised, supportive, small group environment.